Will There Ever Be An Alternative to London Escorts

Businessmen visiting London often make a point of dating London escort. As far as the escort industry is concerned, things are changing rapidly all over Europe. Sure, it is still popular to date London escorts, but sex robots are opening up right across Europe. Will sex robots one day replace London escorts? That is just one of the things that London escorts agency owner needs to consider.

Are there downsides to dating sex robots instead of London escorts? Some men may enjoy the company of sex robots, but it is certainly not the same as dating London escorts. When you date London escorts, you can enjoy a personal touch. That simply does not happen when you date sex robots. Whether you are a local guy or a busy businessman, that human personal touch is still special. It helps you to relax and you can have a much better time with a human being instead of an escort.

But, London escorts will need to change. One of the most popular dating styles with London escorts is still the GF experience. That is great, but stop and think about what robot dating is all about for a moment. Robot dating is all about novelty dating. It is a niche market and that is what London escorts need to realise. Niche dating such as duo dating, BDSM and role play, is bound to become more popular in the future. To stay in business, it will be essential for London escorts to diversify and take on new novelty ideas.

What about other forms of dating such as business dating? That is probably never going to go away. But, it is likely that business dating and taking London escorts our for business dinners, will become another novelty feature for London escorts. It will be essential for London escorts agencies to make sure that they have escorts who are especially trained to deal with businessmen and their professional needs such as business dating.

Will it become more expensive to date London escorts in the future? More than likely it will become more expensive to date London escorts in the future. Because of Brexit, there is likely to be a shortage of experienced London escorts. Many of the foreign girls who now work as escorts in London will probably go back to their home countries. Once that happens, it will become essential for London escorts agencies to recruit British girls. That may be tough as most native girls do not consider working for London escorts as a viable career. A lot will change, but it is bound to be an exciting journey. Only the best London escorts agencies will make it, and versatility is going to be on top of the agenda. If you would like to stay in the business, you should start to plan ahead and make sure that you are ready for all of the change.

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