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You won’t believe how many women are frustrated with their men. It’s like all men forgot what they were designed to do. Today, more women are cheating simply because most of the men can’t make their women orgasm according to West Midland escorts. But if you put in a little more effort, you will become a better lover and make your woman stick to you like never before. So here is a look at some tips to make any woman orgasm easily.

Get her comfortable

A comfortable woman is a woman ready to orgasm, it is as simple as that. So, before you even think of getting your woman to orgasm, make sure she is completely out of her head and into the moment according to West Midland escorts. Women, unlike men, are very self-conscious in the bedroom. Women also want to know you find them sexy and that they are good at sex.

To make her comfortable, give her the confidence she needs. Let her know how exceptionally sexy she is and that every move she makes in bed is just perfect. This will give her a quick orgasm since she will feel hot, sexy, and able to enjoy herself.

Build anticipation

Your woman should always know what is about to come so that she can be sexually prepared. During foreplay, let her know how deep you will go and how bad you want to make her orgasm according to West Midland escorts. One way of creating anticipation before you start penetrating is rubbing the head of the penis around her vagina and asking her how bad she wants you inside her. Don’t penetrate until she begs for it!

Stimulate her constantly

The ‘stop and start’ technique is the worst thing you can ever do to a woman who wants to orgasm. Most men who come too quickly tend to adopt this technique. There are many ways men can increase their sexual stamina and this one should never be in the list, unless you simply want to make your woman angry. If you must stop then do it as soon as she has an orgasm; but the secret is to keep on stimulating her.

One last thing, if you want to be that man who ladies can’t get enough of, you must learn how to stack a woman’s orgasm. The above techniques can really help you give your woman multiple mind-blowing orgasms. The rewards you will receive are worth their weight in orgasmic gold for the two of you.


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