The more effort you put into to good sex, the more you get out of it

My boyfriend thinks that I spend too much money on lingerie. But like I say to him, I can always use it at Berkshire escorts from when I have finished using it at home. I try to be as balanced as possible and I do not only invest in lingerie for sex. Oh no, there is a lot more to it.

Wearing stilettos really turns me on. My boyfriend likes to look at them and I like to wear them. At one time, I was buying a pair of new stilettos once a week but all of that has changed. Now I buy a pair of per month and try to build my wardrobe around that. My stilettos are special to me and I never leave a pair at Berkshire escorts. When I am not there, I make sure that all of my stilettos come home with me. Mind you, I do keep a spare pair hand in case the heels break on the main pair. It is easily happening.

Lingerie is my thing and I wear a little bit of everything. There are some things that have rather gone out of fashion but I like to wear things like sexy knickers and perhaps a little silky tops that gives me a nice lift. I do have rather a heavy bosom and it needs a lift to make it look good. A bra is okay as well, but my boyfriend does not get turned on by that so I leave that for Berkshire escorts services. A sexy pair of knickers, hold up stockings and a sexy top is what turns my boyfriend on. Of course, he likes my stilettos as well – there is no denying that.

Sometimes, when I feel like I am too hot to wear anything, I like to slip on just a pair of hold up stockings. That is not the sort of thing that I do at Berkshire escorts but I do at home. Dressing up is another favorite thing of mine and I like to wear different dress up outfits. Some of the girls at Berkshire escorts are really into PVC but I don’t think it looks sexy at all. My naughty police woman is a vision of a short leather mini skirt and a black bra with a whip. She us very popular and I adore her.

If you want to have some fun with one of my character, just give me a call. Most of the time I work on an outcall basis so I am happy to come around to see you. Let me know which character that you would like to meet and I will try to oblige. If you have any special requests, I am also keen to help. You will be surprised what you can find in my wardrobe. I love having fun with my sexy gear and I hope that you will appreciate my taste. If you don’t like it, just tell me and I will go and get changed. Lots of my ideas are coming into my head and I hope to hear from you soon.

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