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I didn’t believe that there are still few women who stay committed to their partners. I stop believing it when my ex-girlfriend for eight years betrayed me. I got a hard time moving on since our split up. I didn’t thought she could do it to me. No matter how much love you give to someone if they wanted to cheat on you, you have no choice at all. It’s sad how these people can do such thing when all you have done is love them. a love that is unconditional and true. When you love someone always do your best to make them stay, never give them reasons to let go of you. There are lots of reasons that a person stop loving you, one of it is cheating on them. I feel like cheating is the most painful crime in every relationship. It is disastrous and a lot of couples now days have broken up because of it. This generation becomes scary as time passed by; because of advance technology it becomes the way of a lot of people to cheat. And it is proven that one source of cheating is social media. I became a good partner, sometimes being called stupid by friends of how I value our relationship. I change myself just for her, stop going out with friends and run away from my old habits.According to London escorts, The cheapest escorts in London for £79p/h.

My world only turns to her for many years. I did everything she says to avoid fighting. Until one day, I discovered her deepest secret. I was never a jealous type of man because of the full trust I have to her. I am not paranoid check her phone and all her social media but God show me the truth. I saw her with a man in a restaurant, followed them to the hotel. I tried to test her by texting her where she is that time, her answer is sleeping. That’s when I realize that she is an entirely liar and manipulative. I broke up with her even if it hurts me. She even didn’t bother about it beside she has already new boyfriend. I can’t control myself being sad and miserable that is why I decided to go to London. London is part of London I see it as one of the calmest place and beautiful. I pick this area to relax and meditate, forget everything that happened to me. I met a London escorts that really helps me those times. A London escort are very beautiful and has a good personality. I book a London escort from day one up to my last stay in the place. Every time I am with London escorts, I just feel my importance; she helps me forget all the bad memories by creating new ones. London escorts became my strength in those moments of my life. I am who I am when I am with time when I went home, there is a missing part of me. I knew that i am in love with a London escorts because I can’t stop but worry and think of her. I go back to London to tell my feelings, good thing that we are the same.

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