Do you like skinny men?

I wish that we could change our attitude towards the body beautiful. We seemed to be fixed on the idea that we should all be super skinny, but I am not sure that is right. Let me put it this way, I am not the only girl at my London escorts agency who likes a little bit of fat on her man. I date a lot of middle aged guys at London escorts, and I have noticed that they are obsessing more and more about their bodies. It is kind of sad, and I think that they would feel better about themselves if they learned to relax a little. What is wrong with having love handles? Like I say to my London escorts regulars.

It gives you something to grab hold of in moments of passion. I think that love handles are sexy, and we should be proud of them. What about that little bit of extra belly fat? I think that is sexy as well. The other night I started to date this new guy at London escorts. He turned me on the moment he walked in through the door. I noticed that he had a bit of belly hanging over his trousers and I just wanted to reach out and grab it. What about man boobs? Well, the problem with man boobs is that they are a little bit of a health risk. It basically means that you have too much estrogen in your system and does not have anything to do with fat at all. It is the sort of thing that I would mention to my dates at London escorts, and encourage them to eat and drink a little bit healthier. Most of the men I date at London escorts are businessmen, and I think that most of them really do not pay too much attention to their diet.

If you are concerned about your body’s fat level, you should of course do something about it. Too much fat in your blood can cause heart problems and can lead to other health problems. Do I date men at London escorts who are very fat? I do on occasion date the odd gentleman at London escorts who is very overweight. Unless they say something to me, I don’t say anything to them. Most of them seem to be rather embarrassed about their excess weight. In general, I do think that most girls really do not pay too much attention to a man’s weight. Personality is important to most ladies and that is what I think that we focus on.

Sure, I have met some chubby guys at London escorts with very poor personalities , but most of the men I date are nice to be around. The funny thing is that men who carry around a little bit of excess weight seem to be a lot more cheerful. It may not have anything to do with weight, but it could be that those few extra pounds are related to a more outgoing lifestyle.

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