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Virtual reality porn trying to cater women viewers?

VR porn is being made for women, even if it is in the minority. Kelly from AliceX, a virtual reality adult webcam service, said that they are striving to cater for both female and male members and one day hope to launch a site specifically for women.

Virtual-Reality Porn Is Killing Boners

She’s been hanging out on VR-porn sets, and testing VR porn, webcams, and interactive experiences for years. As she tells it, one of the biggest surprise of VR porn is that viewers don’t actually want the horrifying stuff — they want to be cuddled.

VR 2017: Mainstream’s Top Picks

The upcoming XBIZ 2017 event in Hollywood will feature the cutting edge of adult VR, with highlights including a demo of Terpon’s revolutionary 3D VR cam system. XBIZ will also present its “VR Porn … Fabian Grey of AliceX; NaughtyAmerica’s Ian …

AliceX: the ‘virtual girlfriend experience’ is here

When the world of VR was first being teased … Engadget explains that AliceX is a “mixture of customized porn and cam sites, except it seems as though it’d be a whole lot more intimate than simply watching from afar as you would with regular pay-to …

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