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I’m an escort from Bromley Escort Agency of as a relationship expert. Something that my clients often call me about is how will I show my ex that they once loved me, what do I have to do to remind them. You’re not going to like my answer, because my answer is nothing. If you want to show your ex that they loved you. You need to disappear and it’s the one thing no one wants to do. Radio silence is the scariest approach to take, because in your mind you’re thinking are they going to forget about you, that’s it. It is over if I move away? Will they move on? I assure you it’s usually the complete opposite. It has the complete inverted effect, so really what happens is, when you detach yourself from your ex, and from the situation surrounding the breakup and the relationship.

in general, your ex has time to assess what it means to live without you, where did you go, what are they going to do now, they wake up alone, they live their lives alone, they eat dine alone, and they may be with other people, but it’s not with you. so that distinction alone is going to make them weigh in on how much value you did add, because the reason your ex likely broke up with you is because they doubted your ability to make them happy long-term. They said to themselves this person can’t satisfy me in terms of longevity so let me cut the cord now.

In reality though, there was a lot of positives that you brought to the relationship which is why it existed in the first place. If you were all bad, this never would have happened. So give yourself some credit, take a moment by yourself on the back, because even if you messed up in a bunch of ways, there were some things that you did right and we need your ex to take some time to remember that. Right, in the beginning of the relationship something that you are doing your ex found irresistible which is why they dedicated time to you, they dedicated investing emotion into you, and to your relationship. Even though that may have changed and you may have screwed up a couple times.

They need to remember that that foundation of love and adoration existed. So unfortunately you got to disappear, you need the dust to settle. Here’s why, because in a breakup, when you’re in the break-up, you’re fighting back and forth you’re doing a bunch of stuff you’re engaging your fighting each other. You actually keep the other alive even if you’re not physically there you’re thinking about them and your actions are motivated by them. You may be finding yourself doing things that you don’t even recognize completely out of your character that is keeping your ex alive. it’s after that stuff, after the hype, and after the fury and the yelling, when things start to get steady and life returns to living, and the clock keeps ticking, that you realize that they’re gone and that’s the moment that we need to get to for them to remember all the value that you added it’s going to be really hard.


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