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Inside the weird, sexy world of VR porn

Kiiroo devices can also be simultaneously used by partners who aren’t physically near each other, which could play into another possible aspect of VR porn: live cam shows. These cam shows, in which a porn star chats with and performs live for anywhere …

Canary Wharf Escorts Always have Ethnic Escorts

At the moment there is a serious shortage of girls of mixed heritage in London. Lots of VIP Canary Wharf escorts often pride themselves on the versatility of their girls, but even they are having a hard time recruiting mixed ethnic beauties. ” I love mixed girls,” says Tariq from Dubai who dates Canary Wharf […]

Turns Out VR Porn Makes It Harder to Get Hard

“Now, our users are not only able to view our content, but be protagonists in the experience and interact with their favorite porn stars and users … Fabien Grey of AliceX, another site offering VR pornography, explained how it’s supposed to work …

AliceX VR Webcam Porn claims to be the world’s first immersive VR webcam site. Users can log in and chat with camgirls in realtime, all while being immersed in a VR-capable headset. Have you ever been watching a video of a girl going to town on herself with a dildo …

How To Last Longer In Bed

Everybody wants to perform to the best of their ability in the bedroom – nobody wants to leave their woman unsatisfied and without an orgasm. But although everyone sets out to please their partner, it’s incredible how many fail to do just that. Many men just aren’t capable of lasting when having sex and the whole thing can often be over far quicker than they would like it to be. But there are a few things that a man can do so that they last longer and so that their overall sex life is much more fulfilling, fun and satisfying for both them and their partner.

Learning to last longer while masturbating is a good first step to training your brain and your cock not to pop quickly. By edging and preventing yourself from reaching orgasm, you will teach yourself to last longer. Hence, when you are having sex with your girl, you will be able to keep yourself from finishing, ensuring that you last longer and that she also gets to enjoy maximum pleasure. It may take time to train yourself, but if you practice regularly and have the will power to succeed then you will be able to get the desired effects.

Using medicine is also a way to make you last longer in bed. Taking Viagra will help you to maintain stronger and firmer erections for an extended period of time. Safe in the knowledge that your manhood isn’t going to let you down, you can pump away until your heart’s content and give your lady everything that she deserves. Putting on a cock ring could also help you stay hard and be able to perform for longer. Experiment with these to see if they work for you.

Communicating with your partner more will also be helpful in improving your sex life. If she is so good that she can make you orgasm almost instantly, talk to her and tell her to slow down or to do certain things so that you will take longer to explode. While she wants to send you into bliss, she also wants the experience to last for a long time, so she will surely appreciate your input.

As you can see, there are a variety of things you can do to make sure that you last longer in bed. Try out each of them and find out what works best for you, visit at

Will Virtual Reality Porn Replace Sex In The Future?

Todd Glider of BaDoinkVR stated that VR porn is, “arguably the most exciting thing to happen to porn since the advent of the internet.” Fabian Grey CEO of also stated that VR is bringing, “performers and fans even closer together adding …

I Tried Virtual Reality Porn and It Was Weird AF

Virtual reality (VR) porn busted onto the scene a couple of years ago but … to play a game of chess with a girl who has her clothes on,” he told me. The cam girls AliceX contracts operate out of a studio somewhere in Eastern Europe (they declined to …

Virtual reality: Porn’s next tech breakthrough?

“Right now, 1 to 2 percent of our membership base streams and downloads VR,” said … As CEO of AliceX, a burgeoning virtual reality porn start-up, he’s counting on the surge to help his business grow. AliceX pairs users with live Webcam models who talk …

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